Tofer Vélez García

Events and portraits photographer from Puerto Rico. 




Who's Tofer?

Christopher "Tofer" Vélez García was born on October 17th 1993 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Was raised in a place full of love and comprehension. He possess a degree on Communications specialized in photography from University of Sacred Heart of Puerto Rico. 


As a student of communications, he was part of some activities and events in the institution. He was part of some extracurricular activities such as: Tendeera USC on Jamaica (2012), “Photofinish” (2013-2015), “PR On Runway” (2013) and the project “ Los Golpes Hablan”, from Centro para el Desarrollo del Voluntariado, which exposes the reality of domestic violence in Puerto Rico, among other events. Also, he collaborated as photographer in “Puerto Rico High Fashion Week”  (2013-2015) and the event “San Juan Moda”. Also colaborated as a social media photographer for Miss Universe Puerto Rico Organization (2015-2018), and Miss Mundo Puerto Rico on 2018.  On the other hand, he was chosen winner by popular vote via internet in the category of “touch” in the contest “Metro Photochallenge 2013”, becoming  one of the 12 representants of Puerto Rico in the international contest.  Nowadays, works as a freelance photographer for the fashion industry and pageantry in Puerto Rico and Florida.  Tofer wants to pursue his dream of  study a master degree on Fashion Photography in Spain on the next year. 

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